Sticky Rice with Shredded Coconut (Ketan Urap)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I remember my mom used to make this when I was a little kid...and I like the savory taste of it. Last Saturday I made it for Sunday's breakfast.

- 250 gr of sticky rice, soak it at least for 8h..(depend on the variety of the sticky rice, normally it is written on the packaging of how long to soak it)
- 2 pandan leaves, cut into 2 each
- 4 Indonesian bay leaves
- 3 lime leaves
- 1/2 can of coconut milk
- salt
- water
- shredded coconut, microwave it for 2minutes

To make seasoned soybeans sprinkle/powder (Indonesian-bubuk kedelai):
- 150gr of oven roasted soybeans
- 4 cloves of oven roasted garlic
- 4 dried chili paddy or bird's eye chili
- 1 tsp kencur powder
- 2 oven roasted lime leaves
- 3 Tbsp of brown sugar
- salt

In a pot, boil coconut milk, water, pandan-bay-lime leaves until boiling. Add the drained sticky rice and stir it well. Continue to boil with the lid on until cooked and stir it occasionally.
Meanwhile, prepare the seasoned soybeans powder by grinding all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Adjust the taste with salt and brown sugar. To serve, take one spoonful of the cooked sticky rice and make a ball. Roll it on the shredded coconut and then place it on a plate. Sprinkle some seasoned soybeans powder on top. Serve it warm.


Febrie Pereiza said...

aaahh kalo ini aku ya doyan lid .. tp teteeeupp males bikinnya .. hehhe .. aku kirimin dari sini aja yaa ..

Lidia Sianturi said...

ya deh nti dikirim pake cucak rawa...kakakakkkkk..

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