Sambal Kecap (Spicy Sweet Soy Sauce)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Sambal Kecap 

Kecap or sweet soy sauce is well known in Indonesia as one of essential sauces which used quite often. And in our home, it is always available on the table, since my husband loves to eat every thing with it..yes literally every thing. To participate in the IDFB Challenge 4, with Sambal theme, I would like to share this Sambal Kecap recipe. It can be eaten with various soups or bbq. This time we eat it with chicken on skewer or sate/satay.

8 chili paddy (add to your level of spiciness), chopped
2 cloves of shallot, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 tomato, chopped
1 tsp of ground white pepper
1/2 cup of sweet soy sauce
1 jeruk limo (Citrus amblycarpa)

Mix all the ingredients together in a small bowl, then at last drizzle the jeruk limo juice over.

Spring Theme Steamed Cupcakes

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bolu Kukus (Steamed Cupcakes)

I have made this kind of steamed cupcakes many times, simply because my daughter loves them. I have tried several recipes, the last one which I like was from NCC site. However I found out that this one was too dense, so I tried to modify the recipe by reducing the quantity of flour and increasing the quantity of liquid, and came up with the final recipe which I stick to it ever since. This time I colored it with purple and pink as spring is here. Happy Spring every one!

Bolu Kukus (Steamed Cupcake)

4 eggs
275 granulated sugar
1.5 Tbsp ovalet/emulsifier
300ml clear/no color soda drink
375g all purpose flour
2tsp vanilla liquid
food coloring

Beat the eggs, sugar and emulsifier at high speed until stiff. Lower the speed and stir in flour little by little and mix it well. Add soda drink and mix it well. Add the vanilla and mix it well again. Take two small portion of the batter and place it in two small bowls. Mix in the food coloring in each bowl. Pour the batter into the lined mould to the half height. Then add 2tsp of the colored batter. Do it for all the batter. Then steam them for 20min in a preheated steamer.

Bolu Kukus (Steamed Cupcakes)

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