Chicken Soup ala Wedding Reception (Sup Pengantin)

Friday, February 26, 2010

There are various kinds of soup and we can find soup almost in any cultures or nations. One of many soups I remember dearly is the one which usually served during wedding reception in Indonesia. Since this kind of soup is identical to a wedding reception, it is called Sup Pengantin, literally means Bride Soup. It has many kind of ingredients, including meats and veggies and the taste is so refreshing. I would like to share this recipe to all my Indonesian foodie blogger in the event of Masbar February 2010 edition.

- 3 whole chicken leg, cooked and cut the meat in cubes. Keep the broth aside
- 4 carrots, peeled and cut
- 3 potato, peeled and cut
- bunch of cauliflower, separate the florets
- bunch of snow peas, discard the hard parts
- 3 stalk of celery, cut
- 1 can of button mushroom or other mushroom as preferred
- 1 can of quail eggs
- 1/2 can of luncheon meat or chicken wiener, cut
- some cooked macaroni pasta as preferred
- 1/2 onion, chopped
- 6 cloves of shallot, chopped
- 1 Tbsp of margarine for sauteing
- water
- salt
- sugar
- ground white pepper
- ground nutmeg

Sup pengantin2


Put the broth in a pot and boil. Once it is boiling, add potato, carrot, mushroom, cooked chicken meat, and quail eggs consecutively. Meanwhile, saute chopped onion and shallot with margarine in a pan until fragrant and add luncheon meat or chicken wiener and continue to saute for 3minutes. Transfer all at once into the chicken broth in the pot. Add pepper, nutmeg, salt and sugar. Adjust the taste. Then saute cauliflower, celery and snow peas in a pan for 2-3minutes. Transfer it into a serving bowl to keep the crunchiness.
To serve: put some cauliflower, celery and snow peas in a bowl. Pour the chicken broth and soup over. Sprinkle some fried shallot.

Valentine's Cake - My Very First Cake Deco

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Cake

This year we did not do much for celebrating Valentine's Day due to our busy schedule. Not that we usually made it big no, least we always had some fancy dinner on that day. My husband is attending school again and he had exam after the long weekend. Thus I only baked some cakes and for the first time ever, I decorated them using chocolate ganache, cream cheese frosting and some colourful sprinkles. Bianca loves the chocolate and sprinkles while Jordan loves the cake, so they share it. Still need a lot of practice and learn. So here is the cake recipe to share with you my beloved readers.

Valentine's Cake5

Strawberry Sponge Cake

Ingredients: (good for 1 medium size heart shape pan and 6 mini cupcake)
- 10 egg yolk
- 6 egg white
- 180g granulated sugar
- 200g all purpose flour
- 120gr soft margarine
- 1Tbsp of ovalette
- 1tsp of baking powder
- 4Tbsp of coconut milk
- 1tsp of strawberry paste
- 1tsp of vanilla essence

For decoration:
- chocolate ganache
- cream cheese frosting
- sprinkles

Valentine's Cake8

Using a mixer, mix eggs, sugar and ovalette at medium high speed until fluffy and reaching good overrun. Add vanilla essence. Lower the speed of the mixer and add the flour and baking powder gradually. Add coconut milk and strawberry paste and continue to stir at low speed. Add soft margarine and stir it well. Preheat the oven at 370F. Pour the batter into a heart shape baking pan which was previously layered with margarine and flour, and pour the rest into a mini cupcake heart shape mould. Bake for 25-30minutes. Let it cool off.
Once it is cool enough, take it out of the pan, then pour the chocolate ganache over until all surface is covered. Keep it in a fridge until the ganache harden. Take it out and decorate it with some cream cheese frosting using cake decorating tips as preferred. At last add some sprinkles on the mini cupcakes.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello darling...

Since this is a month of love and caring, we would like to greet you all with an intimate hello. This month whilst we celebrated Valentine's Day, normally we are spoiled with so many sweet dishes, especially with chocolate as an ingredient. However, Masbar theme for this month is not related to chocolate. Instead we chose to share recipes of VARIOUS SOUPS. Soup is commonly served in a family where we can share loves, and it is a way to express our loves and caring to our family. We believe that you all are familiar to many kinds of soup. Mainly, soups can be classified into two groups, clear soups and thick soups. Soup can be found in any cultures and areas and gives specific character to its nation/ethnic. Soup is also acceptable for all ages groups. So, let's choose what kind of soup you would like to serve and share in our Masbar home.

As usual, these are the rules:
  • You have to post your soup during the last week of Februari (Feb 21 until 27 '2010)
  • It should be posted with Masbar Logo
  • Send your data to masakbarengyuuk[at]gmail[dot]com, which includes:
  1. Name
  2. Blog Name
  3. The Dish's Name and its URL
  4. one picture of the dish
  5. A description of the dish

There is no rule nor limitation upon recipes. Feel free to browse around or make up your own dish as preferred. However, please quote the source. You may use English or Indonesian as you like.

Menu theme, polling and schedule for next month will be announced after Round-Up posting. Stay tune for the updates and let's cook together!

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