Glutinous Rice Balls Coated with Shredded Coconut (Klepon)

Monday, April 28, 2008

These past days I have been having throat infection and cough. A friend of mine suggesting me to drink plenty of warm water and ginger drink (Indonesian-wedang jahe). Firstly, I made the instant wedang jahe, but it did not do any good to my cough. So I decided to make it from scratch. While making the fresh ginger drink, my imagination went at large and thought about having glutinous rice balls with it (Indonesian-wedang ronde) and also glutinous rice balls coated with shredded coconut (Indonesian-klepon)...hmmmm..yummm...
So the next day I could not bear not to make it myself.

- 200gr of glutinous rice flour
- 200ml lukewarm water
- 2 drops of pandan essence
- 200gr shredded coconut, mixed with ½ tsp salt and microwave it
- 12 tsp grated palm sugar

In a mixing bowl, pour the flour in and add lukewarm water little by little while mixing it with spoon until forming a flexible-non sticky dough. Add pandan essence and mix it well again. Keep it in a fridge for 15minutes to avoid cracking while boiling.
Take a teaspoonful of the dough and shape it into a small ball (app. 3-4cm in diameter) using both of palm hands. Make a hole by pushing a finger in the middle of the ball and put 1/2 tsp of palm sugar in. Seal and roll it back to make the ball shape again. Meanwhile, boil water in a pot. And then place the balls into the boiling water and cook until it is done. Once they float, it means they are cooked, take it out with a laddle and roll it in shredded coconut.

Note: the recipe is good to make 20-25 balls, depend on the size. Serve it warm or at room temperature.


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