Grilled Teriyaki Salmon (Salmon Panggang Bumbu Teriyaki)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Last night we just wanted to have something simple, easy and quick to prepare. This salmon needs a little time to prepare, yet so tasty.

- 2 horseshoe shaped salmon
- 200ml teriyaki marinating sauce
- 4cm of ginger, peel of the skin, wash and slice thinly

Side dish:
- a bunch of broccoli, cut, wash and steam it for 6minutes
- mashed potato

In a bowl, marinate the salmon with teriyaki sauce for 15minutes. Place it in an aluminum pan and add some thin slices of ginger on top of it. Grill it in an oven at 400F for 30minutes. Flip it over on the mid way. Place the remaining sauce in a small pot and add some ginger. Cook it until boiling and stir it constantly.
To serve, place the grilled salmon on a plate and pour some cooked sauce on top. Add the steamed broccoli and mashed potato at the side.


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