Spicy Shrimp-Tofu-Potato (Sambal Goreng Udang-Tahu-Kentang)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mind the English title, cause I am having difficulty in translating the name into English. This menu was cooked last week to eat with yellow rice. Unfortunately I forgot to take picture of the yellow rice until it's all gone. Oh well, next time I cook yellow rice again, I make sure it will be posted here.

- 300gr headless shrimp
- 3 block of medium firm tofu, cut into small chunk and fry until half-cooked
- 3 potato, peel off the skin, cut into small chunk and fry until brownish
- 6 cloves of garlic, chop thinly
- 5 cloves of small red onion, chop thinly
- 4 Tbsp of crushed chili (I used "Sambal Oelek" available in a jar or bottle at Asian store)
- 4cm galangal, cut into 2
- 1 tomato, cut into 8
- 1/3 can of coconut milk
- salt
- sugar
- oil for frying

In a wok, saute garlic and onion with a little bit of oil until brownish. Add chilli and galangal continue to saute for another 2minutes. Add shrimp and cook until it changes color. Add tomato and coconut milk. Cook until boiling and stir occasionally. Add fried tofu and potato. At last add salt and sugar to taste.


Febrie said...

Nahh yang ini aku demen, cuman gak pake teri tapi pake kacang, aku suka beli nih buat persediaan kalo suka laper sewaktu2, tinggal dimakan pake nasi putih .. hhhhmmm .. enaakkk .. :)

Lidia Sianturi said...

ini kayaknya komen nyasar deh..mestinya yg kering kentang dan teri...ngelamun ya Feb? hehe...btw, suamiku ga suka kacang, makanya ga pake kacang masaknya.

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