Green Mung Beans Puree

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Since I still got some green mung beans left, I decided to make puree for my baby. At first I was afraid if she won't like it, it turned out that she likes it a lot.

- 100gr of green mung beans, wash and soak it overnightly, discard the soaking water before cooking
- 1 pandan leaf
- water
- 4 Tbsp Heinz rice cereal with vanilla and banana flavor (for each container)
- boiled water

In a small pot, boil the beans with enough water for 15minutes. Add pandan leaf and continue to cook until it is well cooked/cracked. Let the temperature cools down.
To serve, in a small container or bowl place 4 Tbsp Heinz cereal (any flavor). Add 2 Tbsp of cooked green mung beans and mix it well. Add some boiled water and mix it well until it reaches the consistency your baby prefers.


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