Steamed Banana Leaf Wrapped Beef (Botok Daging)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Inspired by one of Mindy's posts and since I got some banana leaves in my freezer, last week I made this steamed beef. To be honest, Balinese recipe sounds too complicated for me...that's why I did not make that Tum Sapi, but this botok. Thx for inspiring...Min...

-400gr of ground beef
-1/2can of coconut milk
-3 eggs
-12 Indonesian bay leaves
-banana leaves and tooth picks for wrapping

To be crushed in a chopper/grinder until smooth:
-12 chili paddy or bird's eye chili
-3 cloves of small red onion
-8 cloves of garlic
-1tsp of kencur
-4cm of galangal
-5candle nuts


In a mixing bowl, mix well all of the ingredients and the smooth spices except bay leaves and wrapper. Then place 1 bay leaf on banana leaf and top it with 2-3Tbsp of the mixture. Wrap it the way you see on the first picture and seal with a tooth pick.
When all is done, steam it in a steamer for 45minutes. Eat it with warm steam rice.


Judith said...

Walaaahh aku jadi kangen kiy karo aneka bothok di Solo. Bothok daging enak ya Lid? yang ini aku belum pernah nyoba hiii ...*mau dunk

Lia said...

nek botok tempe seneng aku, botok daging ga tau nyoba rasane piye?

A.G said...

aku yo tau gae botok daging iki.. rasane enak yo.. nek nggonaku ra tak weki lombok tp tak ks cabe rawit utuh diatas daginge biar anak-2 pd doyan gitu lho ;)

eliza said...

udah lama gak bikin per-botokan Lin...rencana mau bikin botok udang :D

Lidia Sianturi said...

@Judith: wenak bucil..cobain deh..

@Lia: rasane sedep krn d salame Li..

@Ayin: iyo harusnya gitu ben anak2 jg ikut maem, tp kmrn aku cari praktisnya..anakku maem abon..hehehe..

@Eliza: botok udang juga yummm...barter yuk..

elsye said...

doyannnnnnn...ya ampun lid beberapa hari gue ga on lama disini udah banyak aja makanan :D

Botox said...

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