Es Lengkeng Merdeka! (Simply..Longan Drink)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is my entry for Red and White Foodie Photography Contest, a collaboration of three foodie bloggers, Dhi-Fitri-Dwi. After a little while and lot of hesitation and procrastination, eventually I've finished writing this post.

In the spirit of August-month of our Independence day, red and white which represent the color of our national flag is used as a source of our creativity in food photography. As I am a beginner in food photography, I do not expect much, I just want to have fun by joining this event and make the event merrier! Here is the picture I've submitted.


The story goes behind the picture...
I have been living overseas for a better of 5 years. Even though I live far away from my beloved country-Indonesia, I feel attached to Indonesia. There are some reasons why I feel so attached to Indonesia..
- I am married to an Indonesian guy, so our every day life is full of Indonesian cultures..we try to maintain the good ones, eliminate the bad ones and compile it with good Western cultures too.
- My husband prefers Indonesian foods than Western ones, so mostly I prepare Indonesian foods and keep Indonesian spices in my kitchen.
- I speak to my 16mo old girl in bahasa bahasa is our first language at home.
- Sweet soy sauce is my husband's forever favorite condiment...and it should be made by Indonesian company, he loves one particular brand.
- We have some Indonesian friends that gather every Sunday afternoon for Bible studying and prayer meeting, and we do speak Indonesian during the sessions. Oh yeah and the best part is we share Indonesian food after the meeting...

Even though I feel so attached to my country, it does not mean that I do not miss Indonesia. Indeed, I do miss Indonesia terribly much. I miss my extended family whom mostly still reside in Indonesia, I miss the real Indonesian foods sold on street-so I do not need to spend time cooking, I miss shopping good things at a bargain price, I miss "becak" a tricycle public transportation-so I do not need to walk to get to short-medium distance, and a lot list would go longer than you expected. Well, life goes on...I love my country but the fate brought me to live far away from it...

Thus, to celebrate the Independence day, I want to take a part of this special event...even though it is small, I believe I may contribute this way..


Inspired by red and white, I made this simple longan drink. It is very easy to make and suitable to our current weather. Here is the recipe:

-1 can of longan fruits in syrup
-5Tbsp of cocopandan flavor syrup (made in Indonesia)
-4glasses of cold water
-ice cubes

In a big bowl, mix all of the ingredients and stir it well. Keep it in the fridge to make it cooler. To serve, place it in clear glasses. The recipe is good to make 5glasses of the drink.

Happy Independence Day Indonesia....! We do love you...


Judith said...

Ayu tenan es lenkeng-e Lid, seger ya ..

red said...

Hai Lidia.. thank you atas partisipasi nya , itu foto beneran bikin gue haus tak tertahan :-))

sefa firdaus said...

cantik es-nya, bikin haus pula :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wahhh lengkeng kegemaranku...mana hari ini lagi puanassss sisan...segerrrr!

kangen syrup, disini jarang wes...sob sob

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wahhh lengkeng kegemaranku...mana hari ini lagi puanassss sisan...segerrrr!

kangen syrup, disini jarang wes...sob sob

A.G said...

Merdeka... weh ayu, tuku lengkeng kalengan ahh... nek kene yo ono okeh sek made in thailand :) iku syrupe marjan po'o ?

Indonesia-Eats said...


We share the same feeling Lidya. Been living out of our homeland, it doesn't make us forget everything about Indonesia.

I still keep Indonesian spices in my pantry and use them in my cooking. I have influenced my husband with Indomie, kecap manis, saus sambal, and terasi.

Bagi es lengkeng'eeee

elsye said...

doyyyaaaaaannnnnnnn....btw, fotomu cantikkk LId...:D

Shinta said...

bravoo... PR-nya dah selese nih. Fotonya cakep lagi!

Lidia Sianturi said...

@Judith: tengkiuuuu...

@Red: ya sama2..seneng jg bisa ikutan..

@Sefa: foto rednwhite-mu jg keren Fa..

@Rita: sama Rit..aku jg paling suka lengkeng..n dsini jg lagi panas2nya..ampun deh..lagi halim lagi..tambah2 deh panasnya..pengin wudoooooo....

@Ayin: iyo Yin ndang tuku,mumpung isih summer...aku jg pake kalengan made in Thai..sirupe kok ngerti sih nek Marjan?

@Pepy: silakan Pep..satu gelas berdua sama suami ya...hahahaha..

@Elsye: makasih ya...mana foto rednwhite-mu El?

@Shinta: makasih Shin..endi PRmu wis digarap rung?

eliza said...

baru ngeliat nih post mu utk red & white event, Lid...

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