Fruity Pudding with Homemade Strawberry Syrup

Monday, August 4, 2008


I was extremely happy when I got some packages of agar powder from my auntie in California two weeks ago (thank you Bou Bulan..). It is a bit hard to find that particular Indo brand here and I like to use that brand...that is why I was so happy to have them on stock in my kitchen now. My daughter loves to eat pudding made of that agar powder and I usually try to serve it with various flavor.
This time I mixed it with canned fruits and I made strawberry syrup as well.

- 1 package of clear agar powder
- 1 package of red agar powder
- 1000ml of cold water (700ml+300ml)
- 400ml of fresh milk
- 1 can of cut mixed fruits, discard the syrup
- 18Tbsp of sugar

To make strawberry syrup:
- 1 box of fresh strawberry (approx. 350gr)
- 200ml of cold water
- 150gr of sugar


In a pot, mix well the clear agar powder with 700ml cold water. Cook and stir until boiling. When it is boiling, add 9Tbsp of sugar and mix it well. Pour it in a molding bowl. Add the canned fruits. Keep it in a fridge until harden.
While waiting, make the second layer of agar by mixing the red agar powder with 400ml milk and 300ml cold water. Cook and stir until boiling and then add 9Tbsp of sugar and mix it well. Pour this agar on top of the harden first layer. Put it back into the fridge until harden.
To make the strawberry syrup, blend the fresh strawberry with cold water in a blender under high speed until smooth. Place it in a pot and cook until boiling. Add sugar and stir it well. You may add some more sugar or decrease the amount of it to meet your desired sweetness. Continue to cook and stir for 10minutes until thicken. Keep it in fridge.
To serve, cut the harden pudding and pour some cold syrup over it.


Judith said...

Aku suka banget puding Lid, apalagi puding ala Ina ...*mauuu!

Nabeela said...

Can you please tell me where In California(which store too) that your aunt got you the agar powder? I live in the bay area and would love to buy some since I don't use animal/fish gelatin. Thanks :)

elsye said...

doyann..ini yang merek indo kan agar2nya :D

galleryfang said...

Aku suka banget juga sama pudding. Memang aku disarankan makan pudding/agar2 setiap hari oleh dokter.

Shelvy said...

wakssss paling doyan...

Lidia Sianturi said...

@Judith: iya bucil..rasa agar indo emang beda..

@nabeela: thx for stopping by..I'll make sure I got some information that u need fr my aunt...

@Elsye: iya merk Indo..apa ya..swallow kalo ga salah..

@Galleryfang:knp tuh? sumber fiber ya? Thx dah mampir..

@Shelvy: ayuk bikin..gampang kok..

galleryfang said...

hallo Lidia...iya sumber fiber :) setiap hari saya makan pudding :)
Mampir juga ya di

Nabeela said...

thank you for taking the time to do that :)

Lidia Sianturi said...

@Nabeela: I was informed by my auntie that you may find the agar powder at:
- 99 Ranch Market, Anaheim, crossing Euclid/Cresent
- Di Ho, Cheritos, crossing Pioneer/186St

Hope it helps!


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