Strawberry Foam Pudding with Vanilla Sauce

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer is just around the corner..meaning cheaper fresh fruits are available on markets. Last week I found a very good deal for strawberry. The price was one third of its winter price...
So I bought 3 big containers of them, and since Bianca loves the pudding I made before, this time I made pudding again with some variation on layers and added vanilla sauce too. The whole family love it..

To make the pudding:
- 1 package of green color agar powder
- 1 package of clear color agar powder
- 5 egg white
- 1lt of fresh milk
- 1/2lt cold water
- 18Tbsp of sugar
- 12 strawberry, cut into 4 each

In a pot, pour 500ml milk and 250ml water, mix it. Then add the clear color agar powder and stir it well until the agar distribute evenly. Place the pot on a stove and cook until boiling, do not forget to stir it while cooking. Once it is boiling, add 9Tbsp sugar and stir it well until all sugar dissolved.
Meanwhile beat the egg white with a mixer at high speed until foamy and then place it in a square casserole bowl or pudding mold. Pour the boiling agar into it and let the foam float on the surface (if you like it all foamy and stiff, you may stir it gently while pouring the agar). Keep it in a freezer for 10minutes just enough time to let it half-harden. Then add cut strawberries on top of the foam. Put it back to the freezer for another 10minutes.
While waiting, prepare the top layer by well mixing the rest of milk and water with the green color agar powder. Bring it to boil and then add the remaining sugar, stir it well until all sugar dissolved. Remove it from the stove and wait for 2minutes (do not give time for agar to harden). Take out the harden first layer agar and foam from the freezer and carefully pour the green agar on top of it. Put it back to the freezer or fridge until it is harden (remember that using freezer is a way to accelerate the hardening process, but at the end it is better to keep it in a fridge).

To make vanilla sauce/fla:
- 1/3 can of sweetened condensed milk
- 2 egg yolks, beat with 3Tbsp cold water
- 250 ml cold water
- 1Tbsp margarine
- 2Tbsp tapioka flour, mix it with 50ml cold water
- 1tsp vanilla powder

Bring to boil all of the ingredients except tapioka mixture and egg yolks. After boiling, add the tapioka mixture and stir it well. Wait until boiling again. Remove from the stove and quickly add the egg yolks and stir it instantly. Keep it in a fridge until cold enough.

To serve, cut the pudding and place it on a saucer/small plate. Then pour the vanilla sauce on top. Serve it cold.


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