Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This is a request from my niece, Inge who lives in Holland and my dear Deetha who lives in Semarang, Indonesia. My mom used to make it back then and in Inge's memory mom's bakmoy was soooo delicious, that is why she asked me to make it. Unfortunately, I could not get mom's recipe since I have been not feeling well and have not contacted my sister whom may have the recipe somehow. So I just browsed around the internet the other day and found one at cie Ine's page. After asking her permission, I adapted the recipe into my kitchen, I made a little modification by adding chinese five spices.

- 2 blocks of medium firm tofu, cut into small squares, fry until half-cooked
- 200gr pork/chicken meat (I used 350gr), boil until tender then cut into small squares and put aside the stock
- 5 boiled egg, peel off the shells
- 2Tbsp dried small shrimp, soak in water and then crush until smooth (I used 3 Tbsp)
- 3 cloves of garlic (I used 8), crack it with pestle
- 2Tbsp soy sauce
- 10Tbsp sweet soy sauce (or as much as needed)
- salt
- ground white pepper
- 1tsp of chinese five spices

To make stock/broth:
- 1.5l the broth (add more as needed)
- 4cm of ginger, crack it pestle, saute together with garlic
- salt
- 6 cloves of garlic, chop thinly, saute

Side dishes:
- Asian celery (I used 3 green onion), chop thinly
- Garlic solution, 2 cloves of garlic, crush until smooth and mix with 10Tbsp of boiled water (I did not use it, instead I added garlic for sambal kecap)
- fried onion
- sambal kecap (I used 6 chopped chili paddy+3 cloves of garlic-chopped+lime juice+sweet soy sauce)

Saute cracked garlic with a little bit of oil until fragrant. Add dried shrimp and continue to saute. Add the cut meat, soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, five spices, cut tofu, salt, pepper and some water (just enough to make all soaked in). Add boiled egg and continue to cook until it changes color to brown and the water decreases into half of the initial quantity. Put it aside.
Boil the meat stock/broth, add some salt and add the sauted garlic and ginger.
To serve, in a bowl, place some steam rice first and then add the meat mixture with the brown sauce, half of the brown egg, 1-2 Tbsp of garlic solution (if preferred). Sprinkle some chopped celery/green onion and fried onion. Pour some boiled stock over. Add sambal kecap as needed.

Some people may like to serve the stock in a separate bowl, as you see on the picture below.


deeTha said...

wah, aku le nyonto kudu karo nggegem kamus ki...

Lidia Sianturi said...

lah opo ndadak nggegem kamus? dikempit rak wis...hihihihiiiii...

deeTha said...

ojo, nek dikempit ndak mambu wangi...
parfume luntur mengko....

Rurie said...

Aku contek u nanti malam :D:D hehe menyontek menyontek teman..sambil dinyanyikan ala project p yo...

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