Indonesian Sweet Pancake (Martabak Manis)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Christian loves this Indonesian pancake, and as a good wife I have been trying to make it myself. I do not have a special tool such as the thick pan which is usually used to make it in Indonesia, thus I use my electrical skillet. It has been a long journey to find the recipe which is suitable to our taste buds, trial and error...The first trial I did it with two of my sweet ladies, Lucy and Lany (we are triple L btw...)..I found the recipe available on the internet. It was not good since the dough was too much for the skillet and it did not give a chance for the heat to cook the thick volume of dough. The spongy texture could not be formed. We chucked most of it to the garbage. The next, I used the same recipe, but half. It was good, I got the spongy texture and very good taste. However, the next day the texture turned too hard to chew. The last recipe I used was from Mel's blog. Thank you Mel!
I modified a little bit of the recipe by replacing half of the coconut milk required with fresh milk. The result was a combination of very good texture and taste. I am content with here is the recipe..

- 250gr self raising flour
- 4gr yeast
- 150gr sugar
- 100ml coconut milk
- 100ml milk
- 175ml warm water
- 2 egg
- 1/2 tsp of baking soda

For filling:
- margarine
- sweetened condensed milk
- sugar
- shredded cheese
- chocolate sprinkles
- crushed peanuts

In a big cup mix the coconut milk, milk and warm water and microwave it for 30second (the temperature app. 50C). Add the yeast in and stir it well. Let it stands for 20minutes.
Meanwhile, mix the flour and sugar in a mixing bowl. Then add eggs in the middle and mix it well under low speed. While mixing, add the yeast mixture little by little. Keep mixing it and increase the speed to medium level until all ingredients distributed evenly. Add baking soda and mix it again until the dough raising. Let it stands for 30minutes in a warm place, or cover the bowl with wet cloth, until the dough becomes twice as much as the initial quantity.
Prepare the skillet by heating it for 3minutes at 300F and then spread some margarine on its surface. Pour the dough into the skillet and let it raises and forms the texture. When it half-cooked, sprinkle some sugar on top and put the lid on, lower the heat to 225F and continue to bake until done.
Take it out of the skillet and place it on a cutting board. Cut in the middle into two pieces. On one of the two, spread some margarine and then top up with crushed peanuts, chocolate sprinkle and shredded cheese. At last pour some sweetened condensed milk. Place another pieces on top of the one with the filling. Cut into pieces as you like.


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