Pandan Marble Cake

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


After the first trial and everything turned out good, I confess that am addicted to baking. And since I still have some self raising flour and eggs and all the stuff I need for making marble cake, two days ago I made this pandan marble cake for my friend's birthday. The taste was good but the texture was not as smooth as the first trial. I suspect, the cold egg made the difference. Next time I do making cake again, I better let the egg stands for awhile and reaches room temperature before mixing it with other ingredients.

- 150gr margarine (leave it for awhile at room temperature)
- 75gr sugar
- 3 egg
- 50ml fresh milk
- 130gr self raising flour
- 1tsp of baking powder
- 3 drops of pandan essence
- 1/2 tsp of extract vanilla


In a mixing bowl, mix margarine and sugar under medium speed until smooth. Add the egg one by one while mixing and then add milk. Continue to mix for awhile. Add the vanilla and then flour and baking powder, continue to mix until you get a fluffy mixture. Divide the mixture into 3, add pandan essence to the one third of the mixture, stir it well with a spatula until color distributed evenly. Put it aside.
Prepare the loaf tin by greasing it with margarine. Pour the first one third of the yellowish mixture into the tin. Then the green pandan mixture and lastly the other one third of the yellowish mixture. Make a line movement from one side of the tin to the other end using a fork. Bake for 45minutes to 1h at 300F until done. Take it out of the oven and let it cool off, then cut into the desired thickness. Serve it with a cup of tea or coffee.


Elsye said...

kekekek...padahal dalem perut baby boy ya..tapi doyan baking uey...:D..

Ti said...

emang bener mba, kalo mau bikin cake telur HARUS dalam keadaan room temp dulu,

judith said...

Aku pingin cakenya Lid ... enaaaakk! Kiss ...

Lidia Sianturi said...

to Elsye: iya nih, jd rajin masak skrg, tp awal2 hamil dulu malesnya minta ampun...

to Ti: iya itu hasil observasiku gitu deh Ti..smua bahan kayaknya mesti room temp..termasuk telor, margarine, susu. Jd belajar dr pengalaman..

to Judith: silakan dicomot bucil...atu aja yak...hehee..muahhhh..

MiNDY said...

selamat gandrung sama baking bumil.. the cake looks good.

dulu nyokap gw pas hamil adik gw yg cowo juga rajin. makanya sampe sekarang adik cowo gw yg rajin n apik dibandingin gw yg selebor.

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