Chili Sweet Basil Chicken

Thursday, May 1, 2008

This food reminds me of my very best friend, Pat whom I met back then in Australia. I am so excited that in less than 7months she will be marrying the guy she loves. I know that it takes lots of energy to prepare the wedding and finish PhD at the same time. But I am sure you can make it my dear...I miss you terribly much and wish I would be able to witness your happy day!
(hey I miss your Tom Yum soup too...!)

- 300gr of skinless boneless chicken breast, cut into strips
- 150gr of washed cut carrot
- 1 green bell pepper, cut into small pieces
- 6 cloves of garlic
- bunch of basil leaves
- 3Tbsp of chili sweet basil paste (available in a jar at Asian store)
- oil for saute

In a wok, saute garlic with a little bit of oil. Add the chicken strips, stir and cook until change color. Add chili sweet basil paste and mix it well. Add carrot and then bell pepper and continue to cook for 4minutes. At last add the basil leaves, stir it and cook for another 2minutes.
Serve it with warm steam rice.


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