Potato Doughnuts (Donat Kentang)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Doughnuts have become my sweet comforting snack since I was a little kid. My mom used to make it for me. Normally I do not like sweet stuff, but doughnut is an exception. Surprisingly enough, I love the very sweet Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts which were introduced to me when I was living in Sydney, Australia. One of these days I came across Widya's kitchen where she made potato doughnuts. I was so impressed with the smooth shapes of the doughnuts. Then I asked her if I can have the recipe. It's so nice of her that she sent me the recipe on email. Thank you Widya...
Two days ago, I decided to make it (after a long waiting coz the cough which I had before..I did not want to make it worse with frying stuff). I started early morning, but still I did not have enough time for I had to rush to go to the dentist on time. So I left the un-kneaded dough on the table. I got back from the dentist only to find very crumbled dough (coz I'd already add the egg yolks but did not have time to knead it). I had to spend extra energy for kneading in order to produce smooth dough. Thankfully, it paid off..the doughnuts were so good, the whole family loved it.
Btw, I used only half of the original recipe, but then I made mistake when adding the egg yolk and milk, it was a bit too much. So the recipe which I am gonna share is what I really really used, including the mistake I did. Still it's good though...

- 275gr all purpose flour
- 38gr full cream milk powder (I used baby formula)
- 5gr yeast
- 50gr sugar

- 100gr potato, boil, peel off the skin and mash it until smooth, cool off the temperature

- 3 egg yolks
- 80ml fresh milk

- 2Tbsp of margarine
- pinch of salt

- dark cooking chocolate
- chocolate sprinkle
- icing sugar

Mix well the ingredients A in a mixing bowl. Add the cool mashed potato. Add the ingredient C (this was the point when I had to run to the dentist and left the dough) and then knead it by hand until it is not sticky. Add ingredients D and knead it again until you get a flexible dough. Cover the bowl with a wet cloth and let it stand for 20minutes until you get good overrun. After 20min press the dough to release the trapped air. Take small amount of the dough and make ball with palm hands (coz I do not have doughnuts mold) and place it on a cutting board which was prepared by layer it with a little bit of flour. Do it again and again until all done. Let it stand for another 20minutes. Make a hole in the center with your pointing finger. Deep fry it one by one in a hot oil under medium low heat. While frying, use a chopstick and make circle stirring movement on the center hole. Flip it over and fry until golden brown.
Place it on a plate and cool it off. When it is cool enough, dip it into melted dark cooking chocolate and then add some chocolate sprinkles or just simply dip into icing sugar.

Note: the recipe is good to make 15-20medium sized doughnuts.


Elsye said...

Dokennn aku doyannnn...punyamu cakep Lid..menul2 :D...

Lid, aku juga udah b ikin say...qiqiqi...tar deh diposting ulang..:P, sampe misuaku bosen boww bikin donat muluw..:D

Lidia Sianturi said...

hehehe..keliatannya aja El..benernya itu brendel2 pas belum diuleni aku tinggal ke dentist..pulang2 brendel2..jd uleni aja pake tangan ampe gempor dah...
Jadinya enak sih...empuk, tp ga sealus py Widya..
Hiihii..namanya manusia ga pernah puas ya El..aku ga puas tuh, meskipun udah empuk dan enak..aku bahkan lebih suka makan tanpa dikasi apa2..

d3sy said...

Hi Lidia, salam kenal yach :-)

aku ngintip resep donatnya yach, lezat neh hehehe ^_~

- d3sy

Lidia Sianturi said...

Makasih Desy...
silakan dicoba..

natashabrooks said...

aku mo bikiiinnnn inii besok aahh..

Lidia Sianturi said...

Natashabrooks: hehe...pasti udah sukses banget kan? sori baru sempet publish komennya.

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