Cantonese Chow Mein/Crispy Noodle with Mixed Topping/Ifumie

Friday, May 2, 2008

There is one particular Chinese restaurant in downtown Montreal, which we often do an eat-in lunch or dinner. And every time we went there I always ordered seafood chow mein, since it is very good. It has been a while we did not go there, merely because we rarely went to downtown recently. Two days ago I decided to make it too bad..even though the noodle was not as crunchy as the one I usually have at that Chinese restaurant...(maybe because my stove is not providing enough heat to make the noodle crunchy, or it was just different type of noodle). Anyway, the taste was still good...saved by the topping!!

- 1 package of egg noodle for chow mein (I used carrot noodle)
- 200gr chicken breast fillet, cut into strips
- 200gr of mixed seafood
- 100gr of fish cake, cut into small squares
- 8 beef balls, cut into 3 each
- 8 chicken balls, cut into 3 each
- 1 egg, beat it
- 200ml of chicken stock
- 1 tomato, cut into 12
- bunch of baby bokchoy, cut into 2 each
- bunch of napa cabbage, cut into small pieces
- 1/2 green bell pepper, cut into small pieces
- 1/2 red bell pepper, cut into small pieces
- 3 carrot, peel off the skin and cut into small pieces
- 1 can of straw mushroom
- 2 green onion, chop thinly
- 1 onion (Indonesian-bawang bombay), chop thinly
- 8 cloves of garlic, chop thinly
- 1 Tbsp of corn flour, mix it with a little bit of water
- 2 Tbsp of fish sauce
- 2 Tbsp of oyster sauce
- ground white pepper
- sugar
- 1 Tbsp of sesame oil
- water
- oil for frying

In a pot, boil the noodle until just cooked not too soft. Drain it and then deep dry it with hot oil under high heat until crispy. Put it aside.
In a wok, saute garlic and onion with sesame oil until fragrant. Add chicken strips, mixed seafood and cook until change color. Add beef, chicken balls and fish cake and continue to cook for 5minutes. Add fish sauce, oyster sauce and chicken stock and then cook until boiling. Add the veggies starting with the hardest to the easiest to cook one. Stir it well. Adjust the taste with sugar and pepper. Add the green onion. Drop the egg and stir it instantly. At last add the corn flour mixture to thicken the broth and stir.
To serve, in a big plate place the crispy noodle, then pour the topping.


.... Lia ... said...

Lidia...wes makananmu TOp tenan...aku boleh nyontek chow mien kamu yo..soalnya aku tuh penggemar chinesse food....

Lidia Sianturi said...

Makasih Li..silakan kalo mau coba bikin..wenak loh...
Salam buat Vaness ya...muah...

.... Lia ... said...

Iya..tadi pagi sb ku kehapus..ntar aja bikinnya..hbs lupa password masukknya--hiks btw wahhh bikin martabak manis..pasti enak lid..punyamu...ntar minggu dpn mau bikin chow mien kamu buat floo n vaness... udah ngiler nich Lid.

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