Potato and Egg Yolk Puree

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Egg yolk can be introduced to baby who are 8mo old and older. It is source of protein and fatty acids and major source of egg's vitamin and mineral. The easiest way to prepare the egg yolk is by boiling egg and then taking out the egg yolk and mashing it with a fork. You may mix the egg yolk with rice porridge or cooked veggies. This time I made mashed potato and mixed it with the boiled egg yolk. My Bianca loves it.

- 2 egg (1 egg yolk per serving)
- mashed potato (see how to make it on "Grilled Salmon with Lemon-Dill Sauce")

Boil the two egg and when it is cooked, separate the yolk and the white. Use only the egg yolk to feed your baby, whilst you may used the white for other menu. In a small container, mash the cooked egg yolk with a fork until smooth and then mix it with the mashed potato. Add some hot water as needed. Serve the freshly made for your baby, do not keep in the fridge nor freezer, because the mashed potato will get so dry and does not taste as good as the fresh one.


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