Lime-Grilled Chicken (Ayam Bakar Jeruk Nipis)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It has been a while I have not been cooking chicken, whilst chicken is my husband's favorite meat. So yesterday I cooked this yummy grilled chicken for him. He likes it so much.

- 6 whole chicken legs/chicken maryland
- 3 lime
- 5 cloves of small red onion
- 8 cloves of garlic
- 5 lime leaves
- 1/3 can of coconut milk
- sweet soy sauce as much as you like
- salt
- oil for saute

Side dish:
- green salad
- mandarin orange Asian dressing with sesame seeds

Drizzle 1.5 lime on chicken legs, sprinkle some salt and let it set for 15min.
While waiting, chop the onion and garlic in a chopper. Saute them with a little bit of oil in a frying pan for 2min. Add lime leaves and continue to saute for another 2min. Add the lime-salt marinated chicken legs. Cook for 10min. Add sweet soy sauce and coconut milk. Bring to boil and flip over the chicken occasionally. Continue to cook for another 10min.
While cooking, slice thinly the rest of lime. Preheat an oven at 350F for 5min.
When it is ready, place the chicken on aluminum pan and put sliced lime on top of the chicken one each. Grilled for 15min for each side, or until it is well cooked.
Serve with warm steam rice, green salad with your favorite dressing and belacan chili paste (Indonesian-sambal terasi)


noni said...

Hi Lidia, salam kenal ya. I just tried this recipe and it was very delicious. Thank u for sharing :-)

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