Beef and Carrot Rice Porridge

Monday, January 7, 2008

Since Bianca 8mo old and has her little teeth, I started giving her coarse food (no need to blend into smooth and thin consistency). This porridge is easy to make and healthy.

- 3 Tbsp jasmine rice
- 60gr of beef
- 1 carrot, peel, wash and cut into small chunk
- water
- salt

In a pot boil beef in water until tender. Take out the meat and chop into fine coarse and put it aside. Use the broth to cook rice. Cook for app. 20min until the rice becomes porridge, add some water as needed. While cooking the rice, chop carrot in a chopper. Add the fine coarse beef and carrot to the porridge and continue to cook for another 5min. Add a little bit of salt to taste. Keep it in small containers for one serving or to keep in a fridge/freezer for longterm use.


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