Continental Breakfast

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Saturday morning, Christian made me a brunch meal. It was actually meant to be breakfast, only late time and big portion. So I was the queen of that day...

- honey and garlic Italian sausages
- 33% less fat bacon
- egg+salt+pepper
- spice coated french fries
- fresh tomato
- sweet gherkin pickle
- chili sauce

Bake the french fries and sausages in an oven at 350F until brownish. Double check the inside of the sausage, make sure it is not raw inside although it is done outside. In an empty pan, fry the bacon (without oil, coz the oil from bacon will burst out). In a bowl, beat the egg and salt+pepper. Make scrambled egg with a little bit of oil from the bacon (discard some of it if it is too much, you don't want your egg will be too oily, right?).
To serve, in a big flat plate, arrange the fries, sausage, bacon and scrambled egg. Add fresh tomato, pickle and chili sauce.

....and I had a full stomach until 9pm. Thanks hubby!


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