Apple and Sweet Potato Puree

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I have fed my baby with solid food since she was 4mo old. In Canada it is suggested that solid food is given when baby is 6mo old, considering at this age they are able to sit upright so that they would not be choking. However, I saw the sign of "ready-for-solid" in Bianca when she was 4mo old. So I started giving her very liquid cereal mixed with formula. When she was 5mo old, I started giving her various solid meal, mostly home-made. She eats almost every thing I give her, fruits, vegetables, meat, grains. This is one of her favorites.

- 2 sweet potato, peel, wash and cut into small chunk
- 2 apple (Bianca likes red delicious apple), peel, discard the core, cut into small chunk
- water/juice (ex: pear or apple juice for baby)

In a small pot, put the cut sweet potato and apple. Add a little bit of water or juice. Cook until tender. Wait until it is warm and place it in a blender (pour all the water too). Blend it until smooth. Add some more water or juice if you find it difficult for the blades to rotate. Strain it with a strainer. Keep it in small containers. You may feed it directly to your baby, or mix it with baby cereal, or keep it in the fridge or freezer for long-term use.

I like to keep it in a small container, so that it is enough for one serving and would not allow microbial contamination. If you decided to freeze it, before giving it to your baby, defrost it by placing it in the fridge for a night, or you may use microwave (no more than 45seconds. Beware of the uneven heat distribution that may cause tongue/mouth burnt, always stir it evenly and longer before giving it to your baby).


Anonymous said...

thanks alot for the recipe could u pls write us more
i have a son he is 6 months old i started giving him solid food but i am using jars
so any thing will help

Lidia Sianturi said...

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Would be nicer if you leave your name as well...
Yes, I will try my best to post more baby foods here. Sometimes I also mix the jar baby food with my homemade baby food though...and my daughter loves it!
OK, have fun with your 6months son!

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