Home Food Photography#3: 'Studio'

Saturday, July 19, 2008

This is my first time, joining Home Food Photography event, hosted by Dita. The theme for this third even is 'Studio'. The aim is to show readers our favorite spots to take picture of food we put up on our blog. I was so excited when I read the announcement, yet did not have courage to join. However, my desire is getting stronger every day, so that I put off my shame and dare to submit my writing.
As for me, I do not have special tools to take shots. It is only my camera, sun as natural lighting, and accessories to sweeten the pictures. I have never used reflector and rarely use tripod. And usually the photo session takes only couple minutes for 2-3 pictures per object, as I do not have passion to spend lot of time taking pictures.
My first spot is in our dining room. The reason why it is my favorite spot is just because it is closed to my kitchen where I prepare all the foods and the dining table is high enough so that I do not have to bend over considering I am popped up now! More over it has 2 big windows which allow natural light comes through it. If it is too bright, I just simply roll down the bamboo blinds.


I took pictures of "ketupat opor" in the afternoon, when the sun was still shining strongly (remember, it's summer!). Picture below is the result.


If the day is not that bright and I need more lighting, I use my next favorite place which is in our living room next to the balcony. The balcony has two big rolling glass door, which allow more light shines through. Since there is no table closed to the balcony, I usually just bring a rubbermaid stool and place the food on it.


Well taking a picture from side is a little bit hard with my big belly, so normally I just shoot from up. And here is the result, the same object as above.


Okay, I think that's it!

Now, I want to encourage all the readers who is on the same stage as me, I am a beginner, no fancy place I have, nor expensive tools, nor professional capability..But I want to learn and improve my skill. What you need to have is courage. Take care!!


A.G said...

wah oke jg ni ibu.. :) gambare wes apik-2 :) dingkrik cilik dipake jg hehe :D pie ra digangguin Bianca ?

Dita said...

hahaha.....lokasi pinggir jendela emang tob dan jadi andalan deh!

Makasih Lid buat entrynya :).

MiNDY said...

akuw malah lagi berusaha supaya ga foto terlalu banyak. anggap aja itu kamera masih blom digital, biar jepret-nya paling banter 3kali.

Dwiana P said...

Uhuuuu ngetem terus deket jendela. spot #2 keknya menarik tuh Lyd.
btw, lo lagi hamil yah? moga sehat2 selalu deh yah and happy jepret!

Elsye said...

akhire ikut juga Lid...:D....btw lokasi pinggir jendela emang top markotop :P

Lidia Sianturi said...

@Ayin: tengkiu..jd malu, wong aku isih pemula Yin..byk blajar dr teman2 jg dr dirimu yg luwih prof. Yo nek motret sambil ngusir2 Bianca..hahaha..

@Dita: makasih udah nge-host event yg menarik ini Dit..keep up the good work! Love to join the next one..

@Mindy: ya Jeng, aku nih ga sabar kalo mesti jepret berkali2..palagi kalo dah ditungguin suami yg kelaparan atau digangguin my toddler..

@Dwiana: spot #2 sayangnya rendah jd agak sulit buat aku yg berperut buncit, tp full lighting tuh..
Iya, aku hamil anak kedua, udah 30w..thx yah, mo blajar jg dr dirimu Jeng! kapan2 bagi tips-nya ya...

@Elsye: tengkiu, udah encourage aku slama ini El..jd punya courage u/ join deh..

sefa firdaus said...

memang pinggir jendela tempat paling asik utk motret ya :)

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