Grilled Ribs

Friday, July 4, 2008


I made this grilled ribs two weeks ago, but somehow I misplaced the picture files, and just found it yesterday. So I am glad to share the simple recipe for you...
I used the left over of marinating sauce for sweet satay.

- 600gr of spare ribs, could be pork or beef
- 1 lime, use the juice
- left over of marinating sauce for sweet satay, you may find the recipe here


Cut the ribs according to the size you like. Drizzle some lime juice over it and keep it aside for 10minutes. Then place all the ribs into the marinating sauce and marinate them for at least 1hour (I prefer to do it overnightly in the fridge ). Arrange them in an aluminum pan or other oven dish and grill them at medium heat for 45minutes to an hour. Flip it over to distribute the heat evenly. Serve it hot with some salad.


eliza said...

Lid, udah lama gak jalan nih...ternyata blog mu penuh masakan enak2....huah..jadi lapar!

Lidia Sianturi said...

thx Liz udah mampir lagi..silakan kalo mau dicobain..

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