Blueberry-Melon-Mango Pudding

Thursday, June 19, 2008


One of my new Indonesian friends here in Edmonton, asking me to make pudding, any kind of agar pudding. Since I got freedom to decide what kind of pudding I would make, I just dig out what I had in stock. I had fresh blueberry and also some melon-mango not combine the two of them?

- 2 packages of agar powder (red and transparent/clear one)
- 1 small bowl of fresh blueberry
- 600ml of melon-mango juice
- 500ml of fresh homogenized milk
- 100ml+200ml of cold water
- 9Tbsp+5Tbsp of sugar


Dissolve the clear agar powder with milk and 200ml cold water. Put it on top of a stove under medium high heat. Cook and stir it until boiling. Once it is boiling, add 9Tbsp of sugar and stir it until all sugar dissolved and boiling again. Pour in a molding bowl. Add the blueberry and keep it in fridge until harden.
While waiting, make the second layer using the red agar powder. Dissolve it with juice and 100ml cold water. Cook it as we did for the first layer. This time add less sugar (approx. 5Tbsp), since the juice is sweet enough. Pour it on top of the hard first layer and put it back to the fridge until harden.
Serve it cold and add some vanilla sauce if you like.



Judith said...

Aduuuuhhh enak tenan iki Lid, jadi pingin maem yang seger2 hiks ...
Rasane ada asem2nya kan Lid? ...

Nyam nyam ...

sefa firdaus said...

terlihat enak banget nih Lid... pasti seger yah

Lidia Sianturi said...

@Judith: iya rasanya asem2 manis seger...

@Sefa: iya Fa, palagi pas panas2 gini dsini..

Dwiana P said...

hello lidia, aku lupa keknya gw pernah jln2 ke site mu ini deh. Anyway great recipe. Pudding apalagi pake mango mmmmmm gk nolak kalau dikasih qiqiiqi

Lidia Sianturi said...

thx for visiting Dwiana..aku coba mampir ke blogmu kok blogger always gives me error message ya? anyway, I'll make sure I'll pay a visit to your site..
Nice to know you!

desy said...

hi mbak Lidia,
salam kenal yach..
nyontek resep pudingnya yach..


Lidia Sianturi said...

Halo Desy..salam kenal juga..
silakan kalo mau coba bikin puddingnya..nti crita ya kalo dah jadi bikin..

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