Our Gingerbread House - Christmas Count Down

Saturday, December 18, 2010

So here we are 7days away from Christmas..oh wow..the clock is ticking and I have not done enough baking and cooking...**panicking**..**panicking**
Not that we make it a very big event..no..just that what I've expected is way beyond my capacity..**deep breathing**..**deep long breathing**...relax Lidia..chill out and just enjoy every moment..(note: no baking for these past 2days..).
For this 7th day before Christmas, I would like to share one of our activities during pre-Christmas, sorry no recipe this time, instead expect a lot of photos...
Here is a fun day making and eating Gingerbread House with kids.

Since I was panicking and running out of time, I did not bother to make it from scratch (and I don't think I could do it). There is a shortcut by purchasing the kit from stores and they were on sale last week (only 9$).
In case you are wondering how it looks like, here is the picture of the whole kit. It comes with the prebaked Gingerbread cookies, icing sugar, tray and of course lotta candies.


The prebaked gingerbread cookies are easily to arrange to become a house by gluing it with icing sugar and let it set for 15min. I did not let the kids doing it up to this step.


I just let them helping me with the decoration. Choosing the color and putting the candies on the house. It was a total fun! Look at this beautiful result...Well done kids!

Gingerbread House2

And some closer looks of the gingerbread man, the fancy roof and the Christmas tree..


When daddy got home from work..it was time to eat the Gingerbread House...Look at their happy (messy) faces..


And here is our poor Gingerbread House..at the end the adults should finish the cookies all up...



Rurie said...

Hiaaa hasil akhir pembantaiannya LOL siapa yang ngabisin tuh?

Lidia Sianturi said...

Kukisnya masih ada yg tembok2 Rur..atapnya dah abis..yg ngabisin bapake..hehe

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