Potato Fritter (Perkedel Kentang)

Friday, November 30, 2007

One of my good friends asked me to publish this recipe. It has been a long time I did not make this fritter, because the preparation is time consuming. But today I felt like eating this potato fritter badly, therefore I made it as a side dish.

- 4 big potato, peel, wash and cut into big chunk
- 1/2 can of corned beef
- 5 cloves of small red onion, chop thinly and fry
- 2 eggs
- 2 tsp of ground white pepper
- 2 tsp of ground nutmeg
- 2 stalk of asian celery, chop thinly
- salt
- oil for frying

In a pan, fry the chunky potato until brownish. Mash the fried potato in a big bowl. Add the corned beef and mix it well. Add the fried onion, chopped celery, pepper, nutmeg, salt and eggs, and mix it until all spices distribute evenly. Make balls using two spoon. Fry the balls in hot oil, until brown.

Note: Some people do not want to fry twice. They normally boil the potato and then make the mix and fry it at the end. However, I prefer to fry the potato first, to minimize the water content, so that the fritter would not be too soft and mushy.


meching & vincent said...

Thank you for your potato fritter. We will try to make it.

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