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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Es Sirsak Manado

It has been more than 7years I had not had soursop (read: not seen it anywhere around me). So last week when I saw it in an Asian store, no more thinking twice, it was bought! When I got home, I just realized it was soooo cost me more than 11$ for 2Lbs of it...what a rip-off! O well..I really want it, so 11$ got to be good then. One of my fellow food blogger suggested me to make this shake, to be honest, it was the first time for me to hear the name of it...never heard about it before and sure never had it before either. Thus I check her blog out, and found the recipe here (thank you mb Ria). A little modification was made and here is my version:

- 1.5cup of soursop, discard the skin and seeds
- 1 cup of coconut juice
- 0.5 cup of shredded coconut meat
- 0.5 cup of nata de coco, discard the sugary water
- 0.5 cup of red palm seeds, discard the sugary water
- 1 cup of longan, discard the sugary water
- 1 cup of shaved ice
- 2Tbsp of sweet condensed milk
- 1Tbsp of cocopandan syrup (red color)

Es Sirsak Collage

Blend soursop, coconut juice and meat in a blender until smooth. Put some of nata de coco, palm seeds and longan into a serving glass. Add the soursop shake and top it up with shaved ice. Drizzle some sweet condensed milk and cocopandan syrup on top.
The recipe is good to make 3 tall glasses of shake. Serve immediately.

I would like to submit the first picture to the Red and White Food Photo 2011, in order to celebrate our National Independence Day. Happy 66th Independence Day Indonesia!


Rita Sella said...

es menadooo favourite banget, mauu lid :)

tika hapsari nilmada said...

Whoa...want to try to make this one. Thanks for sharing and for your participation on Red & White Food Photo event

Lidia Sianturi said...

@Rita: ayo...ayo bikin..
@Tika: yuk maree mumpung masih puasa...syegerrr ini...

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