Bubur Biji Salak (Sweet Potato Balls Dessert)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bubur Biji Salak

This sweet potato balls dessert is known as one of many sweet treats that is usually served to break the fast during Ramadhan month in Indonesia. You may find it easily sold at small stalls on the streets. It is a really nice treat, rich and sweet with a tad of savory from the coconut milk added on top. The recipe is from an old Kartini magazine shared by Lia.

500g sweet potato
200g tapioca flour (I used sago flour)
1L coconut milk
250g palm sugar, shredded
2 pandan leaves
tapioca mixture (1Tbsp of tapioca+3Tbsp water)
I used half of the recipe.

Sweet Potato Balls
Here is how the raw balls look like.

Boil the sweet potato until cooked, peel off the skin and mash it while it is still warm. Cool it off, add the flour little by little and mix well. Continue to mix until it does not stick. Form small balls as shown as the above picture. Boil some water in a pot and transfer the ball inside the pot while it is still boiling. Wait until it is floating (means it is cooked). Take it out of the boiling water and keep it aside.
Take 125mL coconut milk, add salt and boil it. Keep it aside.
Meanwhile, boil the rest of the coconut milk, shredded palm sugar, pandan leaves, and salt. When it is boiling add the tapioca mixture and stir it instantly until thicken. Add the cooked sweet potato balls. Turn off the stove. To serve, pour it into a small serving bowl and add some cooked coconut milk on top. You may enjoy it warm or cold (refrigerate before serving).

Mommy's good helper
I got big help from this big girl...good job Bianca!


StarletStarlet said...

Halo halo - I saw your picture di facebook di Indonesian food photographer & stylist. Ini makanan kesukaan bangeeeet waktu kecil and you made it sound soo easy in the recipe. Will put it on the recipe box!

Lidia Sianturi said...

Halo juga..thanks for stopping by yah..Silakan kalau mau dicobain. Salam kenal..

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