Pak Cham Kee Chicken - Thank Louise!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

pak cham kee2

I was talking with my friend Louise, when she told me she was in the middle of cooking this dish. I was not that familiar with this Chinese dish, but the way she described it did sound really yummy, a must to try. So I asked her the recipe. Thank Louise! The next day, I prepared it with a little modification. So here is the recipe:

- 10 chicken drumsticks
- 200g of mushroom, wash and cut into two each (my modification)
- 6 cloves of garlic, chop thinly
- 6cm of ginger, slice thinly
- 1/2 cup of light soy sauce
- 3Tbsp of rice wine (my modification)
- 2Tbsp of oyster sauce
- bunch of coriander leaves, chop (my modification)
- 1/4cup of water
- 2Tbsp of sesame oil (my modification)

pak cham kee

Preheat a skillet for 2minutes and then pour the sesame oil. Arrange the chicken drumstick in it. In a small bowl, mix well soy sauce, rice wine, garlic and ginger, and then pour it over the drumstick. Cover the skillet and let it cooked. Flip over the drumstick once and add water as desired. Put on the lid back and continue to cook until done. Before turning off the stove or the power (if using electric skillet), add the oyster sauce and coriander leave. Mix well again and then turn off the stove or power. Serve it with steamed rice and cut chili with soy sauce.


Mochachocolata Rita said...

wah gek pada hobi mitik iki hehehehe

petok petok petok..iki mirip resep ayam kecap ngono yo lid

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