Case Closed!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

After very harsh discussion between me and the admin of the group that stole my picture, at the end they put up a new picture and no longer using my picture. Please check this out!

First, he/she asked me why I was asking for explanation about putting up my picture, is it not allowed? A very strange and arrogant question. Secondly, he/she told me a story that he/she got it from googling. But it does not mean the picture does not have an owner, right? And he/she also said that he/she does not know the owner...what the heck? It is clearly stated the URL of my blog. Then he/she defended that he/she did not know whom to ask permission. Well...didn't you see the URL? Just go to that link and leave a message. I also gave him/her another option, since now he/she knows I am the owner, she/he can ask permission through facebook. After that, no reply nor asking permission.

I am glad he/she's changed the picture. Even though am not that happy with the discussion, now I just want to state CASE CLOSED!


Rosy said...

Syukurlah Lid...udah selesei. Wah aneh juga ya Lid, kalo ga ngerti kudu ijin ke sapa..kan udah jelas ada yg punya. Sabar Lid. Dg begini ada hikmahnya, kita bisa lebih hati2.
Keep Jepret Lid. Potona makin uhui tuh. Salutt dweh.

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