Sari Kacang Ijo (Mung Bean Juice)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wedang Sari Kacang Ijo

Mung beans is so popular in Indonesia and consumed mostly as bubur kacang hijau, also used as filling for some traditional snack (bakpia, kue ku, etc.). It is rich in fiber and vitamin B. I used to like to drink this mung bean juice which comes in a tetra package and easily found in a grocery store. Now that I live abroad, I could not find that mung bean juice, except by making it myself. So the other day, I prepared this juice and enjoyed every sips of it.
While sharing the recipe, I also want to participate on IDFB Challenge 3 (Indonesian Beverages).

150g mung beans, soaked overnight
1L water or more
4cm of ginger, bruised
1 pandan leaf
1 block of palm sugar
1Tbsp of granulated sugar
1tsp of vanilla essence (optional)

Rinse the soaked beans and drained off the water. Boil in water until cracked and soft (approximately for an hour). Cool it off and crush it in a blender, add some water as needed. Using a kitchen strainer, separate the juice from the pulp. While straining, stir the blended juice occasionally. You may re-do the blending and straining procedures with the pulp and discard the last pulp. Then re-boil the juice and add the remaining ingredients. Adjust the taste to your preference with granulated sugar. Discard ginger and pandan leaf before serving. Serve it as warm or cold drink.


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