Garden Salad - Our (Almost) Every Day Ritual

Sunday, April 5, 2009

garden salad3

I believe that every body has their own ritual through every day of their lives. Starting from turning off the alarm clock and getting back to sleep in the morning, reading newspaper and sipping a cup of coffee, eating lunch in front of an office computer, jogging to home while going back from work, enjoying very sweet dessert after dinner, and finishing the day with putting on a fresh washed pajama and saying a little prayer before going to bed. No no..I am not talking about my habit though... For us, consuming salad with our meal is a ritual. This one is our typical salad, we do love it so much. Just call it garden salad.

- bunch of any greenies, could be romaine lettuce, any lettuces, spinach
- bunch of baby carrots
- 1 big tomato, washed and cut or cherry tomato
- celery, washed and cut
- any dressing, we love ranch, italian or thousand island
- bacon bits (optional)

garden salad4

Toss all of the veggies in a salad bowl. Pour some salad dressing and sprinkle the bacon bits. Mix it well. Serve it immediately.

And today is my daughter's birthday. Happy 2nd Birthday Bianca, mommy, daddy n Jordan loves you!


Judith said...

Happy Birthday Biancaaaa.. sun cayank dari jauh :D

Salate nya nampak seger Lid, mau dunk :)

Rosy said...

waaaa...ada yg lagi ultah juga. Loh brarti umure Bianca podo karo Akihiko yo Lid.
Bianca cayanggg...HEPI BESDEI ya sayyy...kiss dr tante, Bilqis ama Akihiko.
Lid..salate sueger banget kliatane..aku seneng poto sing kedua..nyicip yo..iki sambil nyodorin piring loh hehe

Rosy said...

Lid...thousand island iku sing kaya opo??

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wah healthy niannnn hehehehe happy belated bday untuk bianca yoooo, biar ketularan centilnya tante (eh boleh?)

Lidia Sianturi said...

@Judith: makasih bucil...iyo salad sehari2 dsini..

@Rosy: iyo Ros, salade gampang pol..thousand island tuh yg warnanya agak kemerah/coklatan..krn bhnnya dr mayo-ketchup-tabasco-chopped veggies..rasane enakkkk...
hepi bdei buat akihiko jg ya..

@Rita: centil loh ra sah ketularan, tp centil brg wae..

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