Laksa Ayam (Chicken Laksa)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Laksa Ayam

It has been a while I have not posted any meal recipes, seems like I am shifting to snack and cake decorating all these while. Nah..I still cooking as I have to feed my family (in case you're wondering). So today I decided to share a meal recipe for you. This soup is good to serve during cold days, as we are approaching autumn.

4 whole chicken legs
1.5L water
1 stalk of lemongrass, cut into 4, bruised
4cm of galanga, bruised
3 kaffir lime leaves
1 Tbsp chicken broth powder
1 can of coconut milk
oil for sauteing

To crush into puree:
8 cloves of shallot
6 cloves of garlic
6 candlenuts, grilled
1 tsp dried small shrimp (ebi)
1.5 tsp coriander
1 tsp white pepper
3cm of turmeric or 1tsp of ground turmeric
3cm of ginger
granulated sugar

Side dishes:
Vermicelli, boiled and drained
Bean sprout, boiled and drained
Shrimp, salted, half-boiled
Fried shallot and garlic
Egg, boiled (optional)

Laksa Ayam

Boil chicken for 30min. Saute the spice puree, lemongrass, lime leaves, galanga with oil until fragrant. Then add this to the pot with the boiled chicken in it. Continue to cook for another 15min. Take out and drain off the chicken, then shred the meat. Keep it aside. Add the coconut milk and chicken broth powder into the broth left in the pot. Re-boil and adjust the taste. Serve it in a bowl together with the side dishes.


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