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Friday, July 22, 2011

Sambal ala Ibu Rudy

So it is well known (among friends and families) that my husband like to eat extreme spicy/hot food. Therefore, we always have chili paste on table or in the fridge, bought or homemade ones. The one we normally have is sambal terasi (Indonesian style chili paste with shrimp paste/belacan). Sambal is a condiment, which you can enjoy with rice, various meats and veggies. In Indonesia, there are many kinds of chili paste, named according to the ingredients and the areas. In the East provinces, they even have sambal with some snacks.
Recently, I like to explore various kinds of sambal and try to make it at home, for sure I need to adjust with what ingredients I have here, since some of the particular ingredients could not be found here in Canada.
The first sambal I like to share with you is the one I just recently discovered. A foodie friend, introduced me to this and gave me the recipe. I tried to make it, and husband loves it. Now it becomes his favourite one. Oh, and for you who is wondering where does the name come from, this sambal is named of the lady who was first invented the recipe.

Sambal ala Ibu Rudy

250g chili (I used chili paddy and 3 habanero)
250g shallot, peeled
250mL vegetable oil (I used 150mL)
salt (I used 1Tbsp)
granulated sugar (I used 1Tbsp)
chicken broth powder (I used 2Tbsp)

Bahan Sambal ala Ibu Rudy

In a wok, saute whole chili and shallot with the oil until half-cooked. Drain the oil, and cool off the chili and shallot (let the oil sit inside the wok). Crush them using chopper. Then add salt, sugar and chicken broth powder, mix them well. Heat up again the used oil and transfer back the crushed chili and shallot to the wok. Fry until done (change to darker color). Stir every now and then while frying. Keep it inside a jar with lid and refrigerate it for longer use.

Sambal ala Ibu Rudy


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