Celebrating Our 5th Wed-sary and Canada Day

Sunday, July 10, 2011

So, it is always like that...Our wedding anniversary and Canada day..both on the same day. We got our nation celebrating our Wed-sary, with the fireworks! Awesome...
Just like last year, this year we started the day with enjoying the Silly Summer Parade on Whyte Ave. This year participants were not that many, so it was just short parade. Here are some which were caught by my camera.

Picnik collage

Clockwise from top left: Jasper the mini donkey, Farmer's Market participants, 2storey bicycles, A lady with a violin.

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Clockwise from top left: Old time dressed up (do not think they have stroller that time), cute lil dog, African participant (that man worked so hard to drag that heavy thing on a windy day), Punjab cultural association.

In the afternoon, we went to Hawrelak Park for some bbq-ing and playing kites with kids and our friends. We had batagor as an appetizer. It is fried fish paste-filled tofu with spicy peanut sauce (I will post the recipe later, apologize for the cheap quality picture taken with my mobile phone).


W also had grilled chicken, fish and corn on a cob (somehow I forgot to take picture of the fish)

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The recipe for grilled chicken is my husband's, and I would like to share it with you..

6 whole chicken legs
2 stalks of lemongrass, cut into 5cm in length
1Tbsp of ground turmeric
1.5 tsp salt
2L of water

For marinating:
1/2c of fish sauce
1c of sweet sot sauce
1/2c of brown sugar
1Tbsp of ground black pepper
1Tbsp of garlic powder
2Tbsp of coriander powder

Ayam Bakar

In a big pot, boil the chicken with water, lemongrass, turmeric and salt until just tender (not too soft). Then marinate the boiled chicken with the marinating sauce for at least an hour. Grill until done (you may dip it back into the marinating sauce once or twice during grilling). Enjoy it with warm steamed rice and chilli paste.

It was a beautiful day indeed and we are thankful for the 5years we've spent together building our family. Happy 144th birthday, Canada!

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dwidlebug said...

Anak2 yg pastinya suka parage you mak, itu ayam ne wess mantep!

Anonymous said...

Lidia, I just tried your grill chicken recipe yesterday. super yummy and cocok dengan lidah sumatra ku :) I am trying your macaroni schotel next, will let you know

Lidia Sianturi said...

@Dwiana: yup, mereka seneng, tp terakhirnya bete krn ga nemu tukang bikin boneka balon..hehe..
@Su: aw...thx for daring yourself to try my recipe. Just check ur blog out, it's awesome!

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