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Saturday, February 28, 2009

oseng buncis wonton3

I was doing a quick shopping on a very cold day while my husband and kids waiting in our car. Having no idea of what to cook, I just grabbed some wonton and haricot beans and some others. It was really really quick, no more than 15minutes shopping, including the checking out at the cashier. I had never thought of combining the two before, not until I got home that day and needed to prepare something quick and easy. I looked up in the fridge and found some soybean paste...hmm...why not combining the three of them. So here is the quick and easy recipe, oh yeah..btw, my Bianca loves it!

- bunch of haricot beans, cut into 6cm in length
- 10 wonton (I chose pork and chinese mushroom ones), boiled
- 4Tbsp of soybean paste
- 6cloves of garlic, chopped thinly
- 2Tbsp of dried small shrimp (Indonesian-ebi), soaked in water and drained
- sesame oil for sauteeing
- water

oseng buncis wonton

In a wok, saute garlic with sesame oil, then add presoaked dried shrimp and stir. Add soybean paste and continue to cook for another minute. Add haricot beans and stir well until changed color. Add some water as desired. Add the boiled wonton and stir it well. Remove it from stove. Serve with steamed rice and other dish.


Judith said...

Waahh aku jadi kelingan iseh ndhuwe buncis kiy :-) arep tak masak apa adanya lah, lha ora ndhuwe taoco je..

Foto2mu makin keren Lid :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wah wonton dimasak gini pasti enak ya....ide bagusssssssssss heheheh

Lidia Sianturi said...

@Judith: tengkiu bucil..buncis dimasak opo wae enak kok...

@Rita: terinspirasi olehmu Rit...mix match...cemplang cemplung cepet wenakkkk

Shelvy said...

waduh bener deh langsung lapar

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