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Monday, April 4, 2011

I am here again for sorta restaurant review. We celebrated daddy's birthday last Saturday by dining in a Korean restaurant named Ginseng. It is situated in South side of the town. I'll give you the address and contact number in detail at the end of this post. We have been there before, and we love the foods there. For our first visit we felt it was a bit pricey, but did not feel it that way on our second visit though (no idea of what we ordered on our first visit that we ended up paying lot more than the second one). This restaurant have buffet-all you can eat- menu and a la carte too, but seems like most of the people coming for the buffet where you can choose the foods and cook them right on your table yourself.


It is a heaven for meat lovers, they have quite various meats to grill, such as marinated raw chicken, beef, pork and unmarinated seafoods (shrimp, squid, mussels). They have sweet and spicy marinating. Namely classic bbq beef (bulgogi), bbq beef short ribs (galbi gui), beef in sesame oil (jumulleok), spicy pork (daeji bulgogi), spicy chicken (dahk galbi) are there to pick. Personally Chris and I love the spicy chicken, the kids love the sweet chicken and shrimp (we did not try the pork at all, no particular reason, just not a big fan of it).
They also give us some condiments, soy sauce and hot sauce. And as you expected, each table has the grill in the middle, big exhaust fan on top of it (but seems was not functioning since you still can see smoke and haze all around you and you get out of the restaurant smell smokey..) and of course you are given some tongs and scissors to cut the meats. Oh yeah, they change the grill once it is burnt and too smokey.


Other than raw meats, you can find fresh sliced vegetable too. Too bad, we did not take any, so no picture here. You may also like to get some cooked foods on the buffet line there. While you are waiting for the raw meats to be cooked, you can enjoy sesame house salad (I found out that night it was too much sesame oil, which give strong taste-aroma), California rolls (Jordan loves them, for me it's just ordinary rolls), deep-fried dumplings (yummy and crispy, very good to go with the hot sauce), seaweed soup (in my opinion, it was no taste at all), spicy soup (we did not try this one), kim chi (just so so), bean sprout salad/sukju namul (good), fried rice (looks like Chinese style one, Chris tasted it and he said it's so so), steamed rice, and weirdly enough Shanghai noodles..we were not sure why this noodle was there so we did not try it.
For drinks, there are various soft drinks and green tea included in the buffet menu. Other than that you may order with extra charge. We chose ice tea and green tea with honey.


This was my plate..with kim chi, bean sprout salad, grilled shrimps and dumplings.


Jordan got to taste the shrimp first and he loves them.


The only thing left out in the buffet menu is dessert. You can not find any of it other than fresh cut fruits (orange and apple that night). This is how our table look like after that 1.5hour smokey battle. For 29$/person, it is worth to visit!


This post would not complete without the picture of our birthday hero..(with our spoilled Princess)


An extra picture of kiddos splashing water in front of our house before leaving to the restaurant. What a joy to welcome the spring!


Ginseng Sushi and BBQ Restaurant
Edmonton, Alberta
9261 34 Ave NW


natashabrooks said...

Hi mba Lidia, benar kata orang "dunia sempit" baru 2 hr lalu aku cari2 resep pandan cake setelah dipilih pilih akhirnya resep mba lid yang kupikir simple yet make me drooling. Kuenya enak sekali sampai2 ludes dgn cepatnya.Hari ini aku iseng2 browsing blog mba lidia dan eeng ing eeng teryata kita tinggal di kota yang sama!! Edmonton yang nun jauh dari mana2 :( Lid punya account facebook gak yah? ingin mengenal teman negara asal lebih jauh lagi, secara disini gak banyak tau orang Indonesia..

Lidia Sianturi said...

Hi Natasha, senang bs share resep lwt blog ini. Iya sy di Edm baru 3th ini. Facebookku: Lidia Ratnawati, search aja. Natasha tinggal dmn? Blom pernah kumpul org2 indo?

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