Steamed-Ground Shrimp Stuffed Tofu - Putting My Palate-Memory into Real

Sunday, October 3, 2010

To be frank, not many good Chinese restaurants in Edmonton (or I might not explore much, I would say). One which we often come for a lunch or dinner is Wok King, the one in China town. It is family oriented restaurant, it is not big, only have 6-4 seater tables and 2 or 3 round bigger tables. It ain't fancy either. But what we love about this restaurant is the taste of the foods they serve mostly are close to what we have back home. One of the foods we regularly ordering is this steamed ground shrimp stuffed tofu.


When we were there I tried to memorize the taste and think of what seasoning they put on, and one of these days I had a chance to try to make it at home. And this is what I want to share with you.

- 3 blocks tofu, cut into rectangular shape (as shown on the pictures)
- 2 green onion

- 200g shrimp, peeled (I added some ground chicken too)
- 3 cloves of garlic
- 1 clove of shallot
- 2 tsp of oyster sauce
- 1 tsp of ground white pepper
- 1Tbsp corn starch

- 6Tbsp soy sauce
- 1Tbsp rice wine
- 1Tbsp sesame oil
- 1Tbsp fine granulated sugar

Steamed Tofu w/ Soy sauce

In a food processor, process all of the ingredients for stuffing, except corn starch until smooth. Transfer it into a bowl and add the corn starch and mix it well. Scoop out some of the center part of tofu to place the stuffing. Place the stuffing at the center of tofu, then steam it for 45minutes.
While waiting, prepare the sauce by mixing all of the ingredients for sauce. Warm it up in a microwave for 40seconds to allow the sugar to be easily dissolved.
To serve, place the steamed tofu on a serving plate, pour the sauce over and sprinkle some freshly cut green onion.

And score!


Sarang Japati said...

Liddd ini kayak siomay yaa...enakk booww...:D


Lidia Sianturi said...

betul Els, isiannya kayak siomay, cuma kuahnya aja yg beda.

Anonymous said...

Kalo shrimpnya diganti ama fish paste bisa yach Lid.

Lidia Sianturi said...

@Roos: bs banget..sebenarnya yg foto kedua itu aku campur ground chicken sama ground shrimp.

Alice said...

hi lidia,

salam kenal, namaku Alice
mau share aja, aku dah coba, enak loh - yummy and healthy :)

aku mau post link kamu di blog aku blh ya, recipes kamu asik2 kyknya :P

ini blog aku, masih baru sih...sekalian aku jadiin recipe book aku
bonus nya bisa ketemu bnyk temen baru jg yg sama hobinya hehe...


Lidia Sianturi said...

Halo juga Alice..
senang sekali kalau cocok resepnya yah..silakan aja kalau mau post link blog saya. Happy cooking n blogging!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

iki sehat dan enak lid...praktis sisan hehehe

BabyBeluga said...

Kapan neh aku mau coba ah, kayaknya enak banget. Masalahnya ama aku kalau masak makanan Oriental, biasa yg ngabisin aku doang secara misoa plg icip dan anak2 pada gga doyan. Si Kecil kdg mau nyoba kadang ikut2 kakaknya yg samasekali gga doyan nasi dan any Asian foods.

Lidia Sianturi said...

@Rita+Baby: silakan kalau mau coba ya..smoga suka.

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