Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello darling...

Since this is a month of love and caring, we would like to greet you all with an intimate hello. This month whilst we celebrated Valentine's Day, normally we are spoiled with so many sweet dishes, especially with chocolate as an ingredient. However, Masbar theme for this month is not related to chocolate. Instead we chose to share recipes of VARIOUS SOUPS. Soup is commonly served in a family where we can share loves, and it is a way to express our loves and caring to our family. We believe that you all are familiar to many kinds of soup. Mainly, soups can be classified into two groups, clear soups and thick soups. Soup can be found in any cultures and areas and gives specific character to its nation/ethnic. Soup is also acceptable for all ages groups. So, let's choose what kind of soup you would like to serve and share in our Masbar home.

As usual, these are the rules:
  • You have to post your soup during the last week of Februari (Feb 21 until 27 '2010)
  • It should be posted with Masbar Logo
  • Send your data to masakbarengyuuk[at]gmail[dot]com, which includes:
  1. Name
  2. Blog Name
  3. The Dish's Name and its URL
  4. one picture of the dish
  5. A description of the dish

There is no rule nor limitation upon recipes. Feel free to browse around or make up your own dish as preferred. However, please quote the source. You may use English or Indonesian as you like.

Menu theme, polling and schedule for next month will be announced after Round-Up posting. Stay tune for the updates and let's cook together!


deetha said...

postinganku g ono gambare logo. lha ngapod berkali2 ra metu2 je gambare. hiks..hiks..

eh yu, enek resep siomay cino ra? sg dicocol sos sambel kui loh :D
aku bagi yo nek nduwe.. aku kangen somayne embokku, je.. hiks...

kamsia yo cik!

Anonymous said...

pengen ikut nih kalo sempet!

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